ankur atri

About Me

I grew up in India, where I am currently pursuing Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science and Information Technology, apart from being an engineering student, I am a Tech nerd and founder of The Spod – a blog that makes you aware of the latest technology. I am an enthusiastic, self motivated individual with a strong drive and ambition. I want to be an internet entrepreneur. Being a freelancer, I always try to get into problems so that I emerge out like a professional. Furthermore, I often try to furnish my skills with the help of internet.

In the recent past, I have completed Ethical Hacking course from Lucideus Tech with a primary aim to dynamically update my knowledge and encourage transferring the same to the peers to build a secured environment.

On a personal note, my interests include reading tech news, writing blogs, gaming, hacking and web development; these are what I consider as the foundations of my life.

Contact Details

Bahadurgarh - 124507
Haryana, India

ankuratri [at] hotmail [dot] com